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Real Estate Taupo commits itself to excellence.

In the case that you might have any complaints or disputes, we welcome you to please raise them with us.

1.  Where you feel a complaint is necessary, please do so via email, and as soon as possible. Direct to the salesperson concerned AND to the Agent, Tony Treloar (via [email protected]).

2. Tony will immediately acknowledge receipt of your complaint and will rapidly review what has occurred. An all-affected parties meeting or discussion may ensue.

3. As soon as possible, a formal, written response will be sent to you outlining the conclusion of the review.

We hope that our conclusion will resolve and satisfy any grievances. Should you feel dissatisfied by the outcome, you can make a complaint directly to the Real Estate Authority (REA) here.

Please note that you may choose make a complaint directly to REA at any point, should you prefer not to use our in-house complaints procedure.